Monday, 1 December 2014

Wear Banarasi Oriental Costume Style

Banarasi is a famous form of fabric work. And the history of this stunning, intricate, and famous work goes back centuries. Banarasi work originates from a city of India, Banaras.

The city is located by the banks of River Ganga. According to history the Banarasi fabric has been around for at least two millennia. The Banarasi work flourished during the time of Kasi Kindgom.

Over the centuries different rulers have added different forms of works to Banarasi fabric. During the time of Mughal Empire, the work of Brocade and Zari were introduced. Zari is where the thread of real gold and silver was used to weave into the fabric. 

Although, Banarasi Saris are the most famous and common way of wearing this fabric, people wear it in all sorts of different forms. For example, men wear Banarasi work Sherwani; women wear Banarsi Shalwar Kameez, they mix and match the fabric with other fabrics and works, they make Banarasi over coats, shawls, curtains for the rooms, cushion covers for accented décor, table runners, and many other things.

At Oriental Costumes, we have received our shipment of Pure Banarasi Fabric Shawls. There are many ways to wear these beautiful and gorgeous shawls. Their softness will give you surreal feel while their beauty will enhance to yours. 

You will find an array of beautifully breathtaking colours and patterns in our shawls. Each shawl is different from the other and never ceases to amaze you and leaves you in awe about it’s beauty.

What way would you wear this historical fabric and how would you bring history it in your everyday modern lives?

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