Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dulhan - The Bride of Oriental Costumes

Who is a Bride? Why is there such a fascination attached to a Bride? What is it about a Bride that makes people go on their toes to just get a glimpse of her? Why do we want the bride to feel like the Queen on her wedding day?

Well here’s what we at Oriental Costumes think:

A Bride is a daughter. She is the strength of her mother and the support of her father. She’s the reason parents have the blessing of welcoming a Barat to their homes. She is the pride to the parents who have loved her and cherished her.

A Bride is a sister. She’s the forte behind which a sister can hide to escape the beatings of a mother. She’s the courage for a brother who can face the world with her in his life. She’s the bond that keeps us together.

A Bride is a friend. She’s a friend who fights for the rights of her friends. She’s a phone call who keeps us company in our times of need. She’s a tub of ice cream who cries with us and laughs at us. She’s the reason we make it through, no matter what.

But above all, she’s a woman. She’s a woman who completes us and without her we wouldn’t be parents, sisters, brothers, or best friends. She’s a woman with dreams for the ones she loves but also for herself. She’s a woman who for that one day wants to be a daughter, a sister, and a friend; but also be just her – The Bride.

People are fascinated with the Bride because for that one day she holds the magic in her. She is everything for that one day, for that moment. She is the gift, the pride, and the love of her family, friends, and the man entering her life.

She is magical that day; so magical that people wants to keep on looking at her. A Bride is ethereal for that one day. The day of the wedding belongs to the Bride. She alone holds the spell.

At Oriental Costumes we make the Bride feel like a Queen. With a huge variety of bridal dresses, we let the Bride fuss over herself a little. We assist her in feeling like the Queen on her wedding day. We let her decide what sort of a magical spell she wants to cast on the people for her big day. We do this by letting her pick the colour, the work, the style, the hues, and the elegance of her dress.

Stay tune for our Bridal Show to see a wide selection of our Bridal Collection. Visit us at 3180 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga or www.oriental-costumes.com.

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