Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bride's Party Dresses

The most important outfit of a bride is of her wedding day. It is after that dress that any other outfit comes. But, every other outfit of the bride is also important and worth equal attention. The bride has many events and parties to shine at. She’s got all the dholkis to attend, Mayon to sit, Mehndi to dance, reception to glide, and many after wedding parties to attend to. At all these events she has to look flawless, beautiful, and unique.

At Oriental Costumes, we don’t just take care of the wedding outfit but all the other outfits as well. We carry a variety of unstitched, colourful, beautifully worked, creatively designed, and stunning outfits. We make sure the bride is all ready and prepared to shine through all the days before and after her wedding day; and of course on her wedding day.

We carry a range of colours all the way from blacks to whites, reds to oranges, pinks to purples, blues to greens, and all other colours, shades, and hues in between. Each outfit is a unique piece and is just as individual as the bride who is going to wear them. Combination of different colours and work give an identity to each outfit.

Although these outfits are perfect for the bride, they’re also perfect for the mother, sisters, aunties, cousins, and friends of the bride. The outfits are light enough for the bride to not look over done in parties but also heavy enough for her female family to wear to any of the wedding events. Each outfit will give the ladies a unique and elegant look. At Oriental Costumes we make sure you’re shining in every event of your life. 

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