Thursday, 29 January 2015

Four Ways To Wear Long Shirts

Long kameez or solo shirts have always been in fashion. They are a perfect way to add your own touch to an outfit and bring spice to office work, parties, get-togethers, weddings, or any other formal or informal events. Few years back career women would buy open cloth and will custom design long shirts to wear over white or black shalwar and dupatta. The idea was to own multiple shirts with a designated colour of shalwar and dupatta, and wear a different outfit everyday with a different shirt. They would wear these custom made shirts to their work. This trick made fashion affordable for the workingwomen and also gave them a chance to do fashion in their own style.

In recent years, designers and boutique brands have made it easier for everyone by making long shirts widely popular, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Now the women don’t need to go spend time pink out the colour, print, and design for their long shirts. All they need to do is go to a store or a boutique and buy long shirts to their heart’s desire. This wide availability has also introduced the long shirt fashion to all the women and not just limited to career women. Housewives, school girls, university students, fashionistas, all are able to enjoy these long shirts in whatever way they want to.

There are many ways you can wear these long shirts. Before women wore them with shalwar, but now a days, especially in the west, you can wear them with tights, formal pants, shorts, and jeans. Instead of wear them with a dupatta, you can wear them with long coat, blazer, bolero, and crop tops.

Here are four ways our models are showcasing these long shirts.

This beautiful pink-peach kameez with contrast colour karahai is paired with a pure silk Banarasi shawl. The shawl not only enhances the beauty of the kameez, it also becomes an accessory to the outfit. There are plenty of ways you can wear the shawl, wear it in your neck in European style or wear it around your shoulders, accessorize it to your liking.

This teal kameez is paired it with a kundan and pearl necklace. The necklace adds a spark to this cotton kameez and brings it up a notch, making it perfect to wear to one of the many pre-wedding celebrations. This outfit is dressed up enough to enjoy a little family masti during the wedding events but is also simple enough if you don’t feel like dressing up too much.

The brown kameez is paired with a complementary rope dupatta or chun wala dupatta. The dupatta enhances and compliments the beautiful thread work going doing the middle of the kameez. The dupatta further adds a simplicity and calmness to the kameez that is full of work.

You can wear these shirts in all the ways mentioned above or you can wear them just as they are. This long kameez is equally beautiful, elegant, party-ready, and office perfect as all the other styles. Wear the kameez as it is and have people compliment you on it’s simplicity, beauty, and elegance.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Home Remedies to Remove Stains

When it comes to stains, they can happen to the best of us. Whether it is hard to remove food stains or body’s pigments or nature’s gift, they can be hard to remove; especially if you’re not equipped with immediate stain removers or if you don’t want to use chemicals on your clothes. In today’s post we’re going to give you five stain removers you can find in your homes.

Baby Power: This product will work magic on curry and oily stains. Just sprinkle sufficient amount of powder on the stain, wait for the powder to soak up the oil, once the powder has absorbed the stain it’ll be easy to just scrape off the stain. If your stain is some days old, dampen the stain a little before sprinkling the powder on it.

Lemon Juice: This is a great bleaching agent especially for your white clothes, without any of the chemicals. Simply squeeze some lemon juice on the stain, leave it to dry, and then wash it using your regular detergent.

To help whiten the whites: napkins, linens, white dress shirts, even socks, just boil them with a few slices of lemon in a pot on your stove.

Corn Starch: Another amazing agent to remove those tough stains and readily available in your kitchens. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the oily stain, wait 10 to 15 minutes for the stain to absorb cornstarch, and then dab the stain with cool water. Don’t rub or press too hard while taking of cornstarch, simple dab it off from the stain to remove it.

White Vinegar: This not only clean your stains, it also whitens your whites. Just add a cup of white vinegar into your washing machine during the rinse cycle and your clothes will come out much brighter. To remove stains, soak the stain in the vinegar and then wash it. For tough stains like Mustard’s soak the stain in vinegar, then spot treat it with laundry detergent; for grass stains, make a paste of vinegar and baking soda, brush it into the stain with an old toothbrush, then wash it as usual; to remove deodorant stains, rub the stain into vinegar until it disappears.

Baking Soda: Lastly, baking soda is an effective cleaner, deodorizer, and fabric softener. Make a paste of baking soda (equal part baking soda and water), when applied to stains, can absorb odours and help break down grease. To eliminate factory residue in new clothes, pre-soak the clothes one gallon of water with ¼ cup of baking soda.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Oriental Costumes Fashion Brand

This week our models are displaying Oriental Costumes Brand Line. The outfits are made from the material present in our store, designed by our designers, and stitched by our tailors. These outfits are made for you to buy and to bring out your creativity with the open cloth, laces, buttons, pompoms, and other stitching material available in our store.

These gorgeous outfits are inspired by the latest fashion in Pakistan. But the beauty of these outfits is that you don’t have to go to Pakistan to get these, you can enjoy this runway fashion right here with all the help from Oriental Costumes.

If you would like to create your own creation, follow these steps:

  • Buy the open cloth of your choice from our cloth room.

  • Get the matching or complementary lace. 

  • To enhance the beauty get the decorative buttons or pompoms from our collection.

  • Tell us how you want your outfit to be like, do you want a coat style or sherwani style or pishwas style or any other way.

  • Then sit back and let our designers and tailors do the job for you.

This stunning black coat can be worn as a coat on pants or as long kameez on a choori daar. It’s gorgeous and yours anyway you want to wear. 

These beautiful dresses can be worn to a party, a wedding, and a get together. Wear them with a lehnga, choori daar, palzo, or tights they would have people talking when you tell them you designed the outfit and that you didn’t have to go far to do so.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Tips on Picking the Perfect Handbag

You have the perfect outfit, makeup, hair, jewellery, and shoes all ready for the wedding, party, dinner, or a get-together you’re going to. But do you have that perfect bag to match your outfit? What are some of the things you should consider when picking a handbag that compliments your outfit?

Here are some tips to pick out that perfect handbag.

Consider the event - Think about the event you’re going to. If it’s a formal party, small bags and clutches are more appropriate. Also consider what you want to be carrying in your handbag. Don’t have it too small that even your cell phone won’t fit but also don’t have it big enough that a six months old baby would fit in it.

Put on your entire outfit before deciding the colour - People often decide on the dominant colour of the outfit for their handbag be it a clutch, tote, satchels, hobos, or shoulder bags. Try on the entire outfit before buying or deciding on a handbag that way if there is a subdued colour in your outfit, matching your handbag to that colour will enhance the barely noticeable colour in your outfit. Also you will be able to decide if something contrasting would go better with the outfit.

Consider the material - For the evening, silk and chiffon materials look more elegant. Also, handbags with metallic materials or covered in crystal or with a hint of crystals add a touch of glamour. In the summer, thin fabrics are ideal whereas, in the winter heavier leather or thicker material bags are in style.

Choose the right shape of the bag - Hobos, or slouchy bags give you a casual, relaxed, and spontaneous look. Totes, satchels, clutches, and other boxy bags are suited for business attire or formal event as they give you a professional, elegant, and stylish look.

Pick a right size for your body type - Handbags should compliment your body type. Handbags of all types come in different shapes and sizes, pick the one that suits your body and height. For example, a petite person should pick a clutch that is small to medium in size whereas a taller person can even sport a bigger and larger clutch

These were some of our tips in pinking out your handbag. Let us know if your found this helpful.

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