Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wearing Saree – Oriental Costumes Style

This week our models are showcasing sarees and five different ways to wear them.

There are many different ways of wearing a saree, each way specific to where it originates from. This week we have assembled five different ways you can wear your saree to any event.

Here they are:

1. This style is perfect to show off the border of the saree. The border is the center of attention in this style as it forces the eye to follow it from the shoulder all the way to the bottom of the saree. The style further extenuates the figure of the person wearing, making it a perfect option for a young woman.

2. This style although looks similar to the previous one, gives a different and more of a sassy look. It enhances the body and makes you carry it in attitude with out much effort. This style is perfect if you want to add that extra oomph to your saree, your look, and your self for the night.

3. Our third model showcases the beautiful and traditional Gujrati style. This style of the saree is perfect for those heavy, beautiful, and dazzling pallus. In this style you get to show case the best part of your saree in full glory. No one can help but notice the grace and the simplicity this look gives the person wearing it.

4. Here’s a classic style of wearing the saree. This style never gets old and is a perfect look for almost every saree. This style doesn’t require much work and is perfect to wear when you don’t have much time and are running late.

5. Lastly, here’s a look that you don’t see every day. This is a bit unique but that’s what we like about it. Wear your saree in the dupatta style. You’re bound to make people give you second look trying to figure out if you’re wearing a saree or a duptta with a dhoti. This style is also perfect for hiding the mid-section should you choose to.

Which one of these styles you like the best and would like to try next time your wear a saree?

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