Thursday, 1 January 2015

Red – The Colour of A Bride

In South Asian culture, the colour red symbolizes many things. It is a colour of happiness, joy, passion, purity, life, celebration, luck, long life, new beginning, and suhaag of a married woman. South Asian brides wear this colour on their wedding day to bring joy and prosperity in their marriage. A married woman wears this colour, whether in outfits or in jewellery, as a symbol of being a happily married Suhaagn. In Hindu culture married woman put red sindoor – vermilion, in the middle parting of her hair symbolizing being a suhaagn, happiness, and prosperity in marriage.

Our models display a unique bridal piece this week.

The Modern Look

This bridal lehnga is all red with a touch of purple piping along the border of the dupatta, the top, and the lehnga. The beauty of this outfit is in it’s top, which is adorned with crystals, rhinestones, and crystal cut red beads. While the red colour and heavy work makes this dress traditional, the use of crystals, rhinestones, and purple piping gives it a more modern look.

The Contemporary Look 

This lehnga is more contemporary. The red is paired with an unusual combination of royal purple. The outfit then have thread work combined with rhinestones and cutwork patterns. The neck of the top and the border of the top and the dupatta have beads and rhinestones merged with beautiful cutwork pattern. The unique cutwork and colour combination with a traditional red gives this outfit a contemporary look.

The Traditional Modern

This gorgeous outfit is a combination of traditional and modern. The bead work, the pattern, the use of velvet along the borders, the hint of aqua, and the use rhinestone balls on the dupatta gives it a modern look. However, the beautiful bride red colour, the Anarkali open shirt, and the use of royal aqua in velvet makes this outfit a very traditional one. Another modern factor of this outfit is the heavy patterned work done on the crown of the dupatta.

The Gharara

Amongst the combination of traditional with modern is this stunning Traditional Bridal Red Gharara outfit. The gharara of is made out of red and gold banarasi pattern, while the top is of chiffon. It has simple bead and thread work done on it; and even though there are no accents of any other colour or contemporary work, this gorgeous outfit stand out amongst all the others due to it unique beauty and traditional nature.

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