Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Agha Noor - Pakistan's Rising Star in Fashion

Agha Noor - Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Agha Noor – the rising brand name of Pakistan. 

This women’s apparel store has gained great popularity amongst the Pakistani women in just a few short years. Four siblings started the brand: Agha Hira, Agha Noor, Agha Salar, and Agha Taimoor. They opened their first store with only 50 pieces; however, today they have a work force of 500 people, two stores in Karachi, one store in Lahore, twelve new stores on the way for 2015, and new shipment of clothes arriving in stores every week. 

Women of Pakistan, whether they are college students, workingwomen, housewives, daughters, mothers, upper class, upper-middle class, lower-middle class, or lower class even all the women want Agha Noor.

And, why not?

The brand sells what no other brand does. Agha Noor sells clothes that are simple but elegant, wacky but fashionable, head turning but conventional, and rich but affordable. Pakistani women wear Agha Noor from everyday routine to formal dinners and parties to wedding and wedding related events. The versatility, accessibility, and affordability of the brand add to its popularity.

Above all, the affordability of the brand gives it a special place in the hearts of Pakistani women. The brand sells embroideries, block-prints on silk, printed chiffon, cotton-nets, glittering sequin, and much more all well under Rs 5,000. In this time of expensive brand names and bloated economy to get an outfit – stitched, to your liking, wearable to multiple events, and with great quality, well under $100 is indeed worth having a special place in any woman’s heart and pocket.

If you’re wondering when, where, and how can you get your hands to this amazing rising new star, then wonder no further. Agha Noor is coming to Toronto!! You will be able to wear this affordable, versatile, and innovative brand to your work, parties, wedding events, date nights, and much more. All you need to do is wait for Oriental Costumes big announcement.

So hang in there and you will be rewarded. 

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