Friday, 20 March 2015

Jadavi Lacha

Jadavi Lacha Set
Hyderabad is one of India’s many cities that are rich in the history of politics, architecture, art, music, literature, cuisine, fashion, and jewellery. Due to influences of many cultures, empires, and kings this city offers you a taste of all its history. But mostly the city gives you the flavour of Mughal era, which highly influenced the city.

Hyderabad’s Khada Dupatta is one of the most popular outfits in South Asia. The Mughal Queen, Noor Jahan – wife of King Shah Jahan, originally designed the outfit. Brides of Hyderabad mostly wear Khada Dupatta to their weddings. It’s a six-yard long veil that is worn over a chori daar and a kameez.

Khada Dupatta
Along with the dupatta the bride or anyone else wearing the outfit, they wear a Jadavi Lacha. It is a piece of jewellery, also designed by Noor Jahan to wear with Khada Dupatta. The neckpiece is called Jadavi Lacha and is paired with gorgeous earrings, tikka, and a jhoomar. At the time of Mughal rule, the piece was made of pure gold with real stones inserted. The name of the jewellery comes from the stones being embedded in the gold. The word Jaravi come from “Jaraw” meaning stones embedded into something, and Lacha just means choker.

In today’s world this Mughal jewellery can be found and made in many place in South Asia; however, if you’re looking for an authentic one, then you will have to visit Hyderabad in India.

At Oriental Costumes, we make this piece along with the earrings, tikka, and jhoomar, on special order. We get our sets made in Hyderabad in India. If you want to outshine everyone to some special event or wants to be a bride with a hint of tradition and history then order this set at Oriental Costumes. We make sure that your get the authentic make of Jadavi Lacha.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

History of Satin Fabric

Satin weave has been used since ancient times. It was invented in China more than two thousand years ago. The fabric is often associated with luxury, romance, rich, and sensuousness. Satin fabric is made of fine silk with cotton yarns or rayon or acetate or polyester. The fabric has a smooth, lustrous surface, and possesses the best draping qualities out of all the other fabrics.

Satin must be woven on a loom with at least six (or more) harnesses. The floats are usually staggered to make the surface look as smooth and seamless as possible. Packing the floats very close together further enhances this property of the fabric. The floats are packed with such closeness that even under magnification it can be difficult to see the structure of the satin weave.

Satin fabric is popular in the making of many things. It is used to make ballet slippers to evening dress to lingerie to wedding dress. In South Asia, Satin fabric is used for lining under heavy work, for saree blouses, for lehnga tops, and much more. The fabric is best for ghararas. At Oriental Costumes we carry all colours of Satin Fabric. They are perfect for any of the above articles in an outfit but also perfect for any of your DIY projects.

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