Monday, 9 February 2015

Sari Home Decor

Saree is South Asia’s one of many identities. To some women, saree is their identity. They wear saree as a symbol of being married and it becomes part of them. To many others, saree is a fashion statement or party outfit. We all know how to adorne ourselves with these pretty garments but what to do when these beautiful sarees have been worn enough times and you don’t desire them to be worn anymore?

Well here are some interesting suggestions you can use to make your home d├ęcor interesting and colourful with a touch of tradition and personal touch.

Curtains: Just add some holdings to it and you have beautiful curtains all made.

Cushions: Add accent to your room with by making some cushion covers out of saree.

Table Cover: Make an intricate table cover out of a saree and wow the company that dines on it.

Fabric Wall Art: It might hurt a little tearing up your beautiful saree, but we assure you it’s all for a good cause and will look equally beautiful on your wall.

Coasters: Lastly make some pretty coasters out of the saree. Anyone who sees them will definitely ask you where you bought the coasters from and how much they cost. You can amaze them by declaring you made them and that it’s a saree.  

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