Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pinks and Greens

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This week our models are showcasing long dresses in shades of pink and tea green. Whereas shades of red are more common for the wedding day or the marriage ceremony, shades of pink and tea green are more suited for reception. You can wear these shades as a bride or even as her best friend or cousin.

Pinks and tea greens are bright but light, bold but calm at the same time. Unlike shades of red, dark green, royal blue, and royal purple, shades of pink and tea green evoke a calm, cool, modern, inspiring, and serene effect to the one wearing these colours.

Each of these outfits is unique and inspiring in its own unique way. The outfits are not limited to just the bride or for just her wedding or reception day. She can wear these to the wedding after parties. Her best friend or friends, the cousin or cousins, everyone can wear these colours and outfits to any of the wedding events. We say only brides’ friends and cousins. But grooms’ sisters, friends, and cousins can also don down these gorgeous beauties.

This stunning and ethereal pink outfit is picture perfect and would give anyone who wore it a fairy tale look. The gorgeous bright pink is paired with work full of rhinestones and crystal cuts of various sizes. The elegance of the dress lies in the strands of work coming from the top of the dress and going all the way down. The other beauty of this outfit is the beautiful work done on the border’s centre of the veil. The work is supposed to adorn the crown of the beautiful bride. This outfit is a beauty and speaks for itself.

This gorgeous tea green is paired with an earthy brown giving it a unique and contemporary combination while creating an equally unique and modern look. The cooling effect of tea green is calmed by the earthy brown in this outfit and is then complimented with dabka, rhinestones, and big crystal cut stones. This outfit can be worn by the wedding and reception bride, but is also perfect for an engagement bride.

This tea pink outfit gives a calm and cooling effect to the one wearing it and the one looking at it. The simple tea pink in this outfit is paired bold pink and heavy dazzling mix of works. The big crystal cut stones are combined with dull dabka work to create an antique look. This is yet another outfit perfect for an engagement bride. It is heavy enough to be worn by the bride but simple enough to be worn in a wedding or any other party.

This exquisite and modern dress is perfect to wear with a lehnga, gharara, plazo, or chori daar. The beauty of this dress lies in the several colour combinations complimenting with tea green. The pink and royal purple border gives this outfit a royal and noble effect. The simplicity in the outfit comes from its banarasi material, which also enhances the royal effect in the outfit. The majestic look is then given to the outfit with bold pink, purple, intricate work of dabka, and royal purple crystals. The outfit is perfect to cast our charm in the party.

Lastly, this outfit is on a whole different level of beauty, simplicity, creativity, and contemporary. The eye can help but follow the pillar of thread and bead work on net. Once you’re done looking at the beautiful pillar of contemporary, you the move on to notice the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. Other than this center of attention pillar, rest of the dress has simple botis going all over the dress with equally simple work on the neck of the dress. We have paired this dress with a banarasi gharara that only enhances the beauty and simplicity of the dress.

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