Thursday, 25 December 2014

Touch of thread and a Dash of beads

This week at Oriental Costumes, we’re displaying different types of Karahi and how it can be paired with different materials.

There are many different types of karahi in South Asian culture, from simple thread work to zari work to salma work to beadwork to mirror work. Each type and form has its own beauty and each one adds a unique touch to an outfit.

People and designers experiment with different karahi everyday. They mix thread work with beads, crystals, zari, salma, gota, mirror, and many other works to create something stunning and unique. Each outfit is a piece of art and; therefore, should be adorned.

Mixing different karahi looks gorgeous but mixing different materials with karahi also adds an extra punch and distinctness to an outfit.

Here are some of our models displaying different materials with several different karahian.

The artist of this black dress has taken silver and pink thread to do a karahi in a patchwork form. Instead of putting the karahi patches on the front, the sleeves are given definition making them more prominent and the centre of attention in the outfit. However, at the same time the artist has made the four studded rhinestone flowers equally prominent and centre of the attention. This combination of the patchwork karahi and rhinestone flowers brings uniqueness to an outfit instead of clashing with each other.

In this Pink hued dress a combination of beads, rhinestones, and thread is paired with a wide dark pink lace. The front top of the kameez is beautifully adorned in golden row of beads paired with an equally beautiful beaded pattern. The gold compliments the light pink colour of the fabric but as the eyes follow the design towards the bottom, they see this simple but beautiful thread work lace at the bottom.

And in this simple yet picturesque dress several sorts of materials are mixed in with plain thread work. And while one may think that so many different forms of work will be too busy, when done in the right manner, you can’t help but admire the beauty of the outfit. The designer of this dress mixed the plain thread work with gorgeous and sparkly rhinestone buttons. Adding stripes of black and white block print lace creates an illusion of heavy falls in the dress. The net lace added at the bottom finishes off the dress with a soft look.

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