Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dinner in Style this Holiday Season

“I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk” by Dorothy Draper.

How about giving your guests something to talk about on your dinner table?

When hosting a party, of course we make delicious food that everyone is going to talk about. Or like Dorothy Draper, some of us put in a controversial dish in the menu that will get people going.

How about giving them something other than food on the dinner table? How about the table, the setting, the place mats, the candleholder, the napkins, and the over all presentation?

As a host we should make the guests feel like they’re having dinner at an expensive restaurant. Beautiful table and food presentation increases one’s appetite and makes the guests enjoy the food, the company, and the atmosphere all that much more.

Set the table with beautiful place mats and a runner; add stunning candle stands with the candles, of course; spice up the table further with soft napkins and exquisite napkin rings; place the food on the table and make it look picturesque. The magic is done; now let the magic unfold on the guests as they praise your table and the food with awe in their eyes and a flavour in their mouths.

Sharing is caring, so once you know this magic, pass on this magic to your family and friends and have them cast a magic spell on you next time you go to have dinner with them.

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